Bespoke Scrub Cap Options:

The quick answer is it depends, there are several factors to take into account that affect any quote we give:

Cap Fabric:

You have the option of plain coloured cotton, patterned cotton (pre made) or custom printed with your design. There is also an option we are working on to buy a 3rd party product to make the cap waterproof. The cheapest option being the plain cotton.


Embroidery comes in lots of forms but we split it into two main categories of Name/Text or Logo.

Name/Text is either a portion of text that doesn't have any logo elements, such as a signature, written name or quote.

Logo is imagery to be embroidered but can include text within the imagery if it is the same place. This varies with design time as well, we have a fixed price to cover 30 min digitising time (where we get the logo converted to the embroidery file) elaborate logos.


There are only 4 sections of a cap that you can place any combination of embroidery.

  • Front of cap
  • Left when wearing
  • Right when wearing
  • Back of cap

The back does mean embroidery have to be smaller than most other sides.