Scrub Cap Size Guide

We will start off by saying this is a guide and that caps are all handmade to order so please do get in touch if you would like any alterations and we will be happy to advise. Please also note that cotton caps do shrink by around 3% during the first wash so consider this when measuring for your size.

Scrub Cap Sizing!

You need to consider 2 main factors in choosing the correct size of cap and get in touch if you are unsure! First the circumference of your head and then the amount of hair / lack of hair or how you wear your hair. So if your head circumference is on the border of a size then go a size up with lots of hair.

X-Small = <51cm
Small / Medium = 51-54cm
Medium Large = 54-61cm
X-Large = >61cm

Note: Custom sizes are available on request, just get in touch.

´╗┐Important: ´╗┐Cotton can shrink a bit after washing by 4-5% so if you are on the limit with head size go for one size up just to be sure. Plus its easier to alter your cap down.

Cap Style:

You can choose elastic or ties depending on your needs and hair amount. The best for lots of hair is elastic. For no hair its better for ties as it will fit to the head better.

Text Sizes and Fonts

This is to give you a ball park for the size of any added names. This is on a medium/large cap so do bare this in mind because the smaller caps have less material height and the larger material have more.

We do size 2 as a standard size if you don't choose another.

With shorter hair then ties are fine. We have defaulted to calling them male/female styles but they are both unisex depending on the hair.

Custom Sizes / Modifications

Custom sizes are available on request. If you need a theatre hat with any modification or different measurements, fabric print or sizes, please don't hesitate to contact us first!